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Outdoors Hello was established in Brisbane, Australia in 2020 out of a love for the outdoors. Not in a hardcore, thrill seeking, super energetic type of way but rather in a relaxing ‘outdoorsy’ fashion of basking in the fresh air, blue skies and sunshine.

We found that many people struggle to find practical yet stylish outdoor accessories that don't compromise on the creature comforts we have at home. That’s why we've created a collection of products that will elevate your outdoor play giving you the comfort to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your crew.

From picnics to beach days, outdoor cinemas to lawn adventures, wineries, camping and holidays, we love spending time in the outdoors with family and friends.

We wanted to create the perfect portable picnic table that could effortlessly elevate your wine and grazing board for an afternoon session with your friends on the lawn. Yet, it could just as easily keep your coffees and morning tea safe from spills when catching up for a play date at the park.

We're especially proud that we've uniquely designed our portable folding picnic tables and they are Australian Made locally, in Brisbane. Our tables are made from sustainably sourced Australian pine in South East QLD. They are crafted in Alderley, Brisbane into our unique designs by a local custom furniture maker with over 40 years experience handcrafting quality timber furniture. The pieces are then hand finished by myself (sanding and oiling twice!), put together, packed and shipped FREE with love to our wonderful customers.

We value a sustainable lifestyle and aim to make eco-friendly choices where possible when it comes to our products and packaging.  We hope that you find comfort knowing that you've made a great eco-friendly choice too when you choose one of our products.

We'd love to see you enjoying your outdoor play with Outdoors Hello. Please tag us on your social media @outdoorshello #outdoorshello .

Thanks so much for your support,