Tips for a perfect picnic

December 11 2020 – Rachel Antrobus

Deluxe Folding Picnic Table

Deluxe Folding Picnic Table



  • an excursion or outing in which participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air.

Verb - pic-nicked, pick-nick-ing

  • to go on or take part in a picnic.

Whether you enjoy a picnic as a casual affair with minimal effort or as a more substantial feast with lots of planning there's a few simple tips to follow. We love that picnics require no venue bookings or confirmed numbers and there's so many locations to choose from. Taking your social gathering outdoors also gives you the luxury of space, fresh air and vitamin D. 

Our simple tips for creating the perfect picnic 

1. Location, location, location.

I love a spot by the water for tranquillity. Overlooking the river or the ocean are my favourite spots.

2. Keep it simple.

Bring a range of bite sized snacks for a grazing board and a bottle of your favourite wine (or visit our friends at Just a Glass for a single serve bottle of premium Australian wine).

3. Elevate your picnic.

You need to elevate your picnic (preferably with one of our folding picnic tables 😊). Not only will you avoid food and drink spills it’ll instantly give your picnic effortless style and stability.

No matter the occasion a picnic is always a great idea. From casual catch ups with friends and family to calendar celebrations a picnic is a rejuvenating way to relax and enjoy life outdoors.

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